XP Mobile Laser Tag


Looking for the ultimate experience in laser tag? Don't look any further, these games are specifically designed to provide in-game rewards such as kill streaks, perks and special sound effects. Live action scoring with an electronic leader board is enabled with this package. Battle for supremacy with up to 16 players and find out who rank #1 in your party


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About Us

Hi, I am Cesar,

I Discovered laser tag at an old age when I took my son to a laser tag center. We had a lot of fun but there was something that we did not enjoy, the wait time between games. We had the "unlimited wrist band" but at the end of the 2 hours, we only got to play 4 games. We sat together as a family and we figured a solution for the problem, we decided to start our own mobile laser tag business. This would allow us to pass on the benefits of a true "unlimited" laser tag experience to the other without the wait times. Its been an enjoyable journey and I take great pleasure in providing this service to you. I thank my family for being very supportive in our efforts.

Good Game,
Caser Zavalza

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XP Mobile Laser Tag

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    We come in approximately 1 hour prior to the event to set up all the equipment.

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    We offer team deathmatch and free for all types of games (5-6 minutes) with the basic and standard package.

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    There is a game briefing area. There are two staging areas to the field to stage players before the game starts.

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Laser Tag, like paintball and airsoft, is a shooting game. The main distinction between Mobile laser tag los angeles and other sports is that Laser Tag is both safe and clean. Because players do not shoot pellets or paintballs, you will never need to wear safety equipment.
Laser Tag in la, pomona, anaheim, san dimas, on the other hand, employs completely safe beams that will never harm anyone. Because no pellets or paintballs are used, there will be no residue or clean-up after play.
Our Laser Tag guns are much more powerful than paintball and airsoft guns. Even in broad daylight, they can shoot players from 650 feet away. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor fields because the range is never an issue.
Each gun has a sensor, as does the headband, which has three sensors. Players can now shoot at another player's gun or headband. Because players do not need to wear a bulky vest or other gear, our guns are lightweight and simple to use.
Laser Tag Halo is a fun sport that anyone of any age can participate in. Our laser tag game design is adaptable, allowing it to fit any group or setting. It's ideal for parties, family gatherings, corporate retreats, indoor arenas, paintball or airsoft fields, and so on.
It can also appeal to any type of player, whether they are looking for a good time or a competitive group looking for a challenge. Whatever your plans are, we're confident that Laser Tag will add fun and excitement.


Laser Tag - Spy Peace

Yup! Beat someone down at close range with a melee attack by a push of a button. Have the option to use Brass Knuckles, Knife, Tomahawk, Baton or Hand Punch. Each melee attack delivers certain amount of damage.


Team Deathmatch

Tournament Results

3 K D K/D A
Image DJTanner
Image HardyBarbie
Image QueenBee
3 K D K/D A
Image MrWonderful
Image TickiedPickle
Image MachoMen
3 K D K/D A
Image NightMan
Image Bitmap
Image DiscoPotalo
3 K D K/D A
Image LittleCobra
Image Flint
Image LadyKiller