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Hi, everyone, we are the "Zavalza" squad and these are its members...
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Commander and Chief, call sign "Monster",

The founder of XP Mobile Laser Tag. I take care of the logistics and laser tag services for our customers and also establish the rules of engagement for new squads.

First Lieutenant Mar, call sign "Sleeper"

Mar is the lovely armory engineer. Mar ensures that our equipment is well maintained and ready for use at all times. Rumors say that Mar sleeps with one eye open, you can't ever catch her off guard, she can be your worst nightmare.

Sergeant JZ, call sign "Echo 5 Zulu".

JZ is an expert computer hacker who holds the criminal record for most servers hacked in a 24 hr period. Since his release from Juvinile Hall, it is said that he secretly works for the government and uses laser tag as a cover up.

Private First Class Monse, call sign "The Hand"

Monse, the master of hypnosis. Witnesses say that she uses her left hand to hypnotize her enemies into sucking thier own fingers in public, humiliating them. Don't be fooled by her beauty, she has a mean left hook.

You can use the online manuals or the manual that came with your equipment for a comprehensive explanation of how to start a game.
The equipment and the rules that apply to your play area are the most crucial things to comprehend when playing for the first time. It's critical to be able to convey the same ideas to your players once you have a firm grasp of both. Players who are aware of these things will enjoy their games much more than those who are unaware of them.
Here is an example of the rules and explanations we go over with newer players when we play Laser tag for birthday party so you can get an idea of what to know. Look at Rules and Equipment in the following section for a more in-depth examination of these.
1. Describe the operation of the equipment you are using. Guns, targets, bases, and any other tools you might be using.
2. Give any safety instructions and game-mode regulations.
3. Discuss the limits of the playing area, where players begin, and where they go if they are eliminated or the game is over.
4. Find out if there are any questions.
It only takes a few minutes to explain these, and the players are grateful. A referee is frequently present in the playing area to assist players who are having issues and to enforce the rules.
We advise you to try one of the simpler Laser tag games near me modes, like Team Elimination or Immortal Arena, as your first game mode. The rules are straightforward and simple to comprehend, making them ideal for newer players.