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We at XP Mobile Laser Tag provide a wide range of exciting game alternatives to accommodate various tastes and age groups.

Classic Laser Tag
Description and Rules

At XP Mobile Laser Tag, take part in the traditional, heart-pounding laser tag action. Take part in thrilling team combat as players tag opponents with infrared-emitting firearms. Hide behind barriers, plan with your squad, and shoot for the win.

Recommended Age Groups

Participants 7 and older can participate in classic laser tag. Prepare yourself for an immersive and action-packed experience whether you are a child or a child at heart.

Game Time and Price Options

To fit your schedule, pick a game time selection from the available possibilities. For individuals, small groups, and bigger events, we provide customizable pricing options.

Tactical Laser Tag
Description and Rules

Tactical Laser Tag games for birthday party raises the bar for laser tag. Technology and strategy are combined in this enhanced version to create a more immersive and tactical experience. To outsmart your opponents, take part in realistic missions, use sophisticated weapons, and collaborate with your squad.

Recommended Age Groups

Participants 12 years of age and older who want a more difficult and strategic game are the target audience for tactical laser tag.

Game Time and Price Options

Utilize our scalable game time settings to explore tactical laser tag. Take advantage of affordable price packages that are adapted to your group size and preferred game time.

Special Games and Variations

To give your laser tag experience a distinctive twist, XP Mobile Laser Tag offers fun additional game modifications. Consider these exciting choices:

Zombie Tag: A heart-pounding game of survival pits you against infected gamers as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Capture the Flag: Plan a strategy with your team to capture the opposition's flag while defending your own.

Free-for-All: Take part in a quick-fire conflict where only the strongest players can survive. This is also called Call of Duty laser tag near me.

VIP Escort: Defend your VIP from attacks from the opposing team and lead them to safety.

Custom Games: By altering the game's guidelines, goals, and squad configurations, you can design your own scenario. Allow your creativity to soar!

At XP Mobile Laser Tag, get ready for the best laser tag experience ever! Select from exciting special game variations as well as traditional and tactical gaming options.

Bring your pals together, plan ahead, and engage in heart-pounding combat. Whether you're organizing a corporate event or a birthday celebration, our adaptable packages have you covered. Book now to bring out your inner warrior!